Lydford Sunset

LydfordFS 2015 onwards

The LydfordFS website was set up in January of 2008. Since then a lot has changed. In May of 2015 it was decided to take down the old site and replace it with a new slimmed down version. The the aims of this site remain as they were at the start. Specifically they are to:-

  • encourage discussion of issues of local Lydford interest;
  • call for more openness in local government;
  • record experiences of dealing with democratic bodies;
  • encourage free speech;
  • demonstrate that Internet based communication need not be expensive;
  • encourage consideration of issues of wider interest.

Lydford and this site

Lydford is a small, attractive, village in West Devon. It is on the edge of Dartmoor and part of the parish is in the National Park. The surrounding area is mainly rural with the nearest towns, Okehampton and Tavistock, several miles away.

A patchwork of smallish fields can be seen when looking down towards Lydford from the high open spaces of the moor. The river Lyd cuts a deep gorge through the landscape and this provides an attraction for tourists although there is much else to see and do here. It is a great place to live for anyone who enjoys the countryside in general and Dartmoor in particular.

Lydford has a long and interesting history and this is given on other websites. The purpose of this site is rather different. It is to raise issues that are relevant to the parish of Lydford and to give a side of the story that one is unlikely to find on other web sites.

Browser compatibility

This website has been written using HTML5 and CSS3 and uses Yahoo's excellent Pure CSS modules. Like the 2008 version this updated website has proved easy to produce. Once again this demonstrates that Internet based communication really is not difficult. The site has been tested in a variety of modern browsers but may not work in older ones.

Web site last updated 19th September 2021.